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Inclusive Public Health Messaging Helps Tackle Infectious DiseasesYes! Magazine 
As the U.S. gets hit with multiple illnesses, public health messaging is critical. Here’s how to ensure it reaches the communities most impacted. 

Mpox has faded as a health crisis in the U.S. How did it happen? Los Angeles Times
Less than six months ago, mpox was an exploding health crisis. Today, reports of new cases are down to a trickle in the United States. 

11 states have already introduced bills targeting transgender health care in 2023USA Today 
While legislation targeting gender-affirming care for young people was proposed in multiple states in 2022, many 2023 bills target care for LGBTQ adults ages 21 to 26. 

House Republicans Are Already Voting On Anti-Abortion Bills As GOP Eyes Even More Restrictions Forbes 
The newly Republican-controlled House will vote on two anti-abortion measures to further restrict abortion in 2023 even after voters came out in support of the procedure during the midterms. 

Report: Young teens are stumbling across porn. Here’s how they are finding it CNN 
Families waiting to talk about pornography until their children are teenagers may want to start talking sooner, as, kids, on average, are first exposed to online porn at age 12. 

Meet MGen, a new STI going around that no one is talking about Salon 
A bacterium called Mycoplasma genitalium, or Mgen, can cause inflammation, miscarriage, and even infertility.  

What Is Ethical Porn? How to Jerk Off ResponsiblyVice  
Watching ethically-produced porn is one of the best ways of supporting sex workers. Here’s what you should know before your next self-pleasure session. 

How to have sober sexMashable 
Sobriety can bring feelings to the forefront, which can be great for sex — but also intimidating. 

Welcome to the Golden Age of Lube Glamour  
After decades of medicinal packaging and sexist stereotypes, personal lube has emerged as the MVP of partnered sex and solo play.

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