Sexual Health in the News January 5 - January 11

NCSH in the News

The Need for Open Dialogue: Addressing Women's Sexual Health Concerns - Medriva
Sexual health, especially for women, can be prioritized through initiatives and tools that help destigmatize sexual health discussions and promote comprehensive health education. NCSH and coalition member, Dr. Logan Levkoff, are featured.  

Other News This Week

US Faces 'Tragic' Rise in Syphilis Cases With Life-Saving Drug in Short Supply - The Guardian
Record-high rates of syphilis and a shortage of the preferred antibiotic, a penicillin formulation called Bicillin L-A, pose a significant public health concern in 2024. 

Trans Youth Sue Over Louisiana's Ban on Gender-Affirming Health Care - CBS News
Trans youth and families challenge Louisiana’s ban on gender-affirming care, effective since New Year’s Day, citing health risks, the violation of parental rights, and discrimination.  

Cervical Cancer is on the Rise in Millennial Women - Everyday Health
A concerning rise in cervical cancer among millennial women sheds light on the importance of the Pap test and HPV vaccination for prevention. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder: How the Dark Days of January Shape Your Mood, Intelligence, and Sex Drive - BBC
Seasonal changes can influence various aspects of behavior and decision-making including mood, memory, and sexuality. Here’s how the “winter blues” may impact you.  

'A Huge Sense of Sadness:' Pope's Call to Ban Surrogacy Prompts Anger, Disappointment - USA Today
Pope Francis’ call for a global ban on surrogacy sparks debates over reproductive rights for those facing fertility challenges and same-sex couples seeking to become parents.  

Second Transgender Woman's Candidacy for Ohio House is Challenged - NBC News
A second transgender woman’s petition to run for the Ohio House of Representatives is being challenged because she did not disclose her birth name. 

STI Testing and Older Adults - Next Avenue 
Addressing sexual health in older adults such as the importance of STI testing and prevention is critical as STI rates steadily increase nationwide.  

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