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New SAMHSA Guide Highlights HIV Prevention and Treatment for People with Substance Use and/or Mental Disorders –  
The HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released a guidebook addressing the co-occurrence of HIV and mental illness and/or substance use disorder. This guide reviews effective programs and practices to prevent HIV and, for those with HIV, to increase linkage and retention to care in order to improve health outcomes. 

FDA Approves First Extended-Release, Injectable Drug Regimen for Adults Living with HIV  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Cabenuva for the treatment of HIV to replace a current antiretroviral regimenThis is the first FDA-approved once-monthly injectable for patients living with HIV.  

Can Coronavirus Spread Through Sex? No, and Yes, Experts Say – AARP  
Intimacy and intercourse may not transmit COVID-19, but nearly everything else about sex with a partner increases your chances of getting sick, according to immunologists and health experts. 

HIV Organizations Announce Racial Justice Index to Remedy Disconnect Between HIV Leadership and Community Impact – PR Newswire 
AIDS United, working collaboratively with the Black AIDS Institute, announced they have launched the Racial Justice IndexThe Index's mission is to assess and improve the HIV sector's commitment to racial equity by creating assessment tools and resources to combat anti-Black racism and other forms of racism. 

Finger Condoms Are Exactly What They Sound Like – Here’s How to Use Them – Shape  
Yes, there are reasons to wear protection during hand sexExperts explain what finger condoms are, how they can protect you, where to buy them, and how they can even increase pleasure.  

How to Get Your Birth Control Online The Strategist  
The six biggest online birth control companies are featured including a list of their servicestheir geographic availability, the types of birth control options available and their price, as well as information regarding insurance coverage 

On AOC’s History of Sexual Assault, and the Dull Pain of No Longer Being Surprised Vogue  
A writer for Vogue shares their reactions to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s story of sexual assault, and how the lack of shock and surprise shows how pervasive sexual assault is in today’s society.   

6 Common Birth Control Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Fix Them, According to OB-Gyns – Insider  
Experts explain the most common birth control mistakes and how to avoid them.  

Lesbian, gay, bisexual medical students are more likely to experience burnout, study finds – Brown University  
Burnout among medical students has significant implications for student health and delivery of care, and future physicians in sexual minority groups report higher rates of burnout than their heterosexual peers, a JAMA study finds. 

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