Sexual Health in the News January 26 - February 1

NCSH in the News

Syphilis Cases Rise Sharply in Women as CDC Reports An "Alarming" Resurgence NationwideCBS News
CDC reports sharp rise in syphilis among women in the U.S., urging robust prevention measures amid funding cuts and treatment shortages. CDC and NCSH member, National Coalition of STD Directors, are featured.

Domestic Violence Organization Launches "Love Like That" Campaign to Educate Young People About Healthy RelationshipsYahoo! News
NCSH member, National Domestic Violence Hotline, launches its "Love Like That" campaign to educate and empower youth about healthy relationships in light of alarming statistics on teen dating violence.

Other News This Week

Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Pill Arguments in MarchThe Hill
The Supreme Court announced that it will hear arguments in a case that could limit the availability of the common abortion pill mifepristone.

Utah Joins 10 Other States in Regulating Bathroom Access for Transgender People AP News
The newly passed bill requires transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools and government-owned buildings that match their sex assigned at birth.

Iowans Erupt in Cheers as Lawmakers Protect Gender Identity as A Civil RightUSA Today
Iowans cheered as lawmakers rejected a bill that would have removed gender identity protections from the Iowa Civil Rights Act and added gender dysphoria to the definition of a disability.

Teen Birth Rate in Texas Increases for The First Time In 15 YearsAOL News
The overturning of Roe v. Wade has led to a concerning increase in teen birth rates in Texas, highlighting the impacts of restricted access to comprehensive sex education and reproductive health services.

Transgender Women Have a Higher Risk of HIV Infections. A New CDC Report Reveals WhyAdvocate
A CDC report highlights discrimination as the main cause of disproportionately high rates of HIV infections among transgender women, along with several other factors.

Having Diabetes Can Decrease Your Sex Drive—Here's Why and What to Do to HelpEatingWell
High blood sugar from diabetes can reduce libido, but managing blood sugar, medications, diet, exercise, emotional support, and quitting smoking can help improve sexual well-being.

Sex For Seniors Is a Good Thing – Why Isn’t There More of It?Forbes
The portrayal of older adult sexuality is often overshadowed by negative stereotypes, yet research suggests that sexual well-being significantly contributes to the overall well-being of seniors.

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