Sexual Health in the News January 21 - January 27

NCSH in the News

How Erotic Fantasy Can Reignite Your Sex Life – Psychology Today
Asking your partner to share their fantasies is a key to escaping COVID angst. This story mentions NCSH and features Dr. Justin Lehmiller of the Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.

How to Define and Discuss Your Relationship Deal Breakers – SELF
Boundaries are important, but what really constitutes a deal breaker? This story features Dr. Justin Lehmiller of the Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.

Other News This Week

New Guidelines Could Change the Way OB/GYNs Talk to Patients About Birth Control – The Washington Post
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises clinicians to apply a ‘patient-centered, reproductive justice framework.’

Federal Prisons Add More Protections, Access to Healthcare for Transgender Inmates – The Hill
Under the new guidelines, housing designations will no longer be based solely on an inmate’s anatomy.

Biden Signs Order Making Sexual Harassment an Offense Under Military Code – CBS News
President Biden signed an order to make sexual harassment an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and to improve the military's response to domestic violence.

Over 500 Corporations Back Effort to Support Equality Act. Does It Matter? – NBC News
Critics point out that some of those same companies are funding the politicians who are standing in the way of the sweeping LGBTQ rights bill’s passage.

IUD Insertion Can Be Excruciating. Why Aren’t Patients Given Help? – HuffPost
There are plenty of pain relief options available for the procedure, yet so many who opt for the birth control devices still say their pain is being dismissed.

How to Quietly Get an Abortion If You Use Your Parents’ Health Insurance – Elite Daily
Is it possible to get an abortion without your parents’ knowledge if you’re on their health insurance plan? In short, yes, but only in certain circumstances that vary by age, state, and insurance plan.

Your State Probably Still Allows Forced Sterilizations – Jezebel
California’s reparations program for forced sterilization survivors is an important step—but it’s one of 31 states where this can still legally happen.

‘I Felt Judged When I Offered Him a Condom During Sex’: The Reality of Condom Stigma – Women’s Health
According to recent research, over the last 12 months, almost a third (29%) of women have either feared or received judgement for providing a condom during a sexual encounter.

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