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Becerra To Launch Reproductive Health Care Series Ahead of Roe AnniversaryThe Hill
HHS Secretary and Democratic lawmakers are launching a reproductive health care series ahead of the Roe v. Wade anniversary, focusing on efforts to ensure access to reproductive and contraceptive care.

The Supreme Court Is Running Away from Transgender Rights CasesVox
The Supreme Court declined to hear the case questioning whether public school districts can require transgender students to use bathrooms aligned with their sex assigned at birth.  

Senate Duo Urges Biden to Address Contraceptive Access Disparity Between Female Service Members, Civilians – The Hill
Senators are urging President Biden to address contraceptive access disparities for female service members, emphasizing the need to eliminate barriers and ensure unrestricted access to health services.

Male Contraceptive Under Development Blocks Sperm with Quick Injection, Easily ReversibleNew York Post
NEXT Life Sciences is working on Plan A, a male contraceptive with a reversible option, blocking sperm for 10 years; the founder foresees high demand and expects it to be available within two years.

‘Gender Inequities Are Important’: Why Couples Fall Out of LoveThe Guardian
A study suggests women report love feelings twice as often as men, and experience a steeper decline in long-term relationships, emphasizing the need to address micro-grievances for relationship satisfaction.

A Psychologist Explores The 3 Types of Sexual PassionForbes
A study categorizes sexual passion into obsessive, inhibited, and harmonious types, highlighting that harmonious sexual passion is associated with higher sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Two of the Country’s Largest Transgender Rights Organizations Will MergeNBC News
Two major transgender rights organizations are joining forces to establish Advocates for Trans Equality, with the goal of enhancing their influence and combating anti-transgender legislation in the U.S.

Swingers Want You to Know a Secret. Swinging Is Not Just About Sex.USA Today
Swingers aim to challenge stigma, highlighting that swinging is about more than sex, involving friendships and relationships, but face ongoing challenges, including social media censorship.

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