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Here's Why Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Are So High, According to STI Experts – Self
We’re seeing more sexually transmitted infections now than ever before. Experts break down some of the most notable findings from the 2017 STI report. NCSH connected SELF with experts Dr. Erika Samoff and Dr. Victoria Mobley, who authored the story.

Sexual Health Experts Debunk Impossible Myths About Getting "Random" STIs – Inverse
Warped ideas about the scary ways people can contract a sexually transmitted infection abound, and these myths obscure the real causes of STI transmission. STI expert, Dr. Peter Leone, and CDC expert, Dr. Robert Kirkcaldy, are both quoted.

Other News This Week

How to Make Giving Oral Sex Just as Hot as Receiving – Refinery29
You have a right to enjoy all aspects of oral sex, and that includes receiving it. With the right attitude, some expert tips, and patience, giving oral sex can be just as rewarding as receiving it.

U.S. Women Face Abuse From Partners Over Contraception Choices – Reuters
Up to three in 10 women seeking family planning healthcare in the United States have suffered coercive control over their reproductive choices.

1 in 5 Non-Binary People Denied Medical Treatment Based on Their Identity – Daily Beast
Intake forms and medical records might not allow gender options besides male or female, which can lead to misgendering non-binary patients, who then have to educate medical staff.

I Can’t Believe It’s 2019 and We’re Still Arguing About the Birth Control Benefit – Rewire News
Regulations, which could effectively allow employers to deny contraceptive coverage without co-pay to anyone they please, are set to go into effect January 14—but not if a handful of states have anything to say about it in federal court this week.

7 Ways Your Sex Life Might Change if You're Doing Dry January – Cosmopolitan
Not-drinking can have some pretty positive effects on your sex life. Here are seven ways going booze-free—whether in January or any other month—affects your sexuality.

What Should I Know About Sexual Health In Queer Relationships? Here's Everything Sex Ed Never Taught You – Bustle
Certified sex educator and writer Emma McGowan addresses everything you need to know about sexual health in queer relationships in this week's Sex IDK column.

Why Birth Control Can Make You Gain Weight – Insider

One of the most common beliefs is that birth control can cause you to gain weight. Experts discuss how this common belief is actually more complicated than you might think.
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