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Trump Called for an End to AIDS in the US by 2030. That’s Totally Realistic. – Vox
In his 2020 State of the Union speech, President Trump reiterated his pledge to eradicate HIV in the U.S. by 2030. Seven health experts weigh in on key elements of the plan that are key to success.

OB-GYNs Are Using Reddit to Help People Who Desperately Need Advice – Buzzfeed News
Facing public budget cuts and restrictive anti-abortion legislation, some medical providers are using Reddit to connect with people who can’t find answers anywhere else.

If You’re Not Sure You’re ‘Allowed’ to Identify as Bisexual, Read This – SELF
The way we define and discuss bisexuality leaves many people grappling with whether they’re “allowed” to identify as bisexual when their experiences don’t align with what they hear.

I Spent Five Years Talking to Women Across the U.S. About Pleasure and Desire. Here’s What I Learned About Inequality in the Bedroom – TIME
A reporter shares insights after talking with 120 women and dozens of sexual health professionals about sex, libido, faking it, “female Viagra”, and more.

Your Complete Guide to Talking About Sex with a New Partner – Cosmopolitan
A sex and intimacy expert gives advice on how to talk about sex with a new partner, including why it’s important to have the talk, what to talk about, and how to start the conversation.

What Is Vaginal Douching? 3 Experts Come Clean About the Practice – Elite Daily
Experts talk about vaginal douching—what it is, why people do it, and why it is not a necessary thing to do, and may even be harmful.

There’s Zero Evidence That It’s Worse for Children: Parenting in a Polyamorous Relationship – The Guardian
Social norms tend to suggest that polyamorous relationships are okay, provided there aren’t children involved. Experts say there is no evidence that this family structure is better or worse than other types.

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