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Many Teen Girls May Be Getting Unnecessary Pelvic Exams – NBC News
Based on 2012 preventive gynecological services recommendations, new research has found that, in a single year, 1.4 million of the 2.6 million young women who received a manual pelvic exam may not have needed it.

The Battle Over Abortion Rights: Here’s What’s at Stake in 2020 – CNBC
Reproductive rights experts believe the abortion landscape will change dramatically in the year ahead, as a major case will be reviewed by the Supreme Court, new political perspectives emerge on the Hyde Amendment, and the prospect of more state abortion bans remains.

7 Women’s Health Topics We Need to Talk About in 2020 – NPR
Doctors and health advocates discuss seven women’s health issues that generations of women haven’t been talking about, but need to in 2020. 

From Grindr to PrEP: Innovative Sexual Health Program Flourishes in NYC – NBC News
A health center in Brooklyn has been using popular gay dating apps to get at-risk individuals tested for HIV and on preventive medication, a model they are hoping health centers nationwide can adopt.

When a Sex Offender Calls, She’s There to Listen – Vox
As advocates reevaluate the value of offender registries, a women-led support line vows to offer help to those who feel shunned by their communities.

Sorry, Men: Wearing a Condom Doesn’t Make You Incapable of Orgasm – Vice
A men’s health specialist dispels the myth that some men can’t finish while wearing a condom, and discusses how the condom-averse can overcome their psychological barriers and enjoy better, safer sex.

Pain During Sex for Queer People Needs to Be Talked About – Bustle
Pain during sex is often misidentified as being caused by a penetrating partner being ‘too big’ and typically discussed relating to vaginal intercourse between cisgender men and women; in reality, the main culprits are complications like endometriosis, menopause, PCOS, and more. 

What It’s Like to Date After Middle Age – The Atlantic
As divorce rates and life expectancy increase, a growing number of older adults find themselves single in a completely foreign world of online dating and new social norms. 

Does Cold Weather Affect Sex Drive? We Asked an Expert – Bustle
Studies show winter can mark a low period for your libido, where you feel less enthusiastic about sex in general. Experts discuss the factors that play a role, including changes in hormone levels and sunlight.

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