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For Valentine's Day: Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Sex Tech Female Founder - Forbes
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's a good time to talk about women's sexual health and well-being. It's been a taboo topic but women are making it their business - literally - to change that.

The Female Price of Male Pleasure - The Week
The world is disturbingly comfortable with the fact that women sometimes leave a sexual encounter in tears.   

Florida Begins Offering Free HIV Prevention - Healthline
Free PrEP treatment is one of a number of programs beginning in Florida after its HIV transmission rate soared in recent years.

Here's What You Need to Know About Cold Sores and Herpes - BuzzFeed News
You've probably heard about cold sores or fever blisters, but you might not be completely sure about whether they are herpes, or if they are contagious.

Publix Accused of Refusing to Cover HIV Prevention Drug for Staff - Huffington Post
A major US supermarket chain is facing claims that one of its stores refused to cover HIV prevention medication for an employee through its insurance plan.

9 Facts About IUD Birth Control to Help Determine If It's Right for You - Allure
There are good reasons to consider the IUD, one of which is that many insurance plans pay for it under the Affordable Care Act. Here's what else you need to know if you're thinking about getting an IUD.

13 Libido Facts for People Who Want More (Or Less) Sex - BuzzFeed
Libido, or sex drive, plays an incredibly important role in how you feel about yourself. Here are some important facts that could change the way you think about your sexual needs and sexual interactions.

DC Law Will Let Women Get Birth Control Without Doctor's Visit - NBC4
A new DC law will allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control.  After women take a self-assessment, a pharmacist could give a 12-month supply of birth control. This is the eighth state to support such a law.  

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