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16 Terms to Help You Better Understand Sexual Health - The Lily
When it comes to health issues below the belt, there can be confusion and shame. Pussypedia, an upcoming bilingual database of sexual health, is here to answer every question about your vagina you've ever had. NCSH spokeswoman, Dr. Jessica Atrio, is quoted.

Lawsuit Challenges Trump's Rollback of Guidance on Campus Sexual Violence - Washington Post 
Advocates for sexual assault victims filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Trump administration's rollback of Obama-era guidelines for responding to campus sexual violence.

When the Religious Doctor Refuses to Treat You - The Atlantic  
The Trump administration is making it easier for medical providers to object to procedures on religious grounds. Will patients suffer as a result?   

Fewer Young Adults Getting HIV Tests, Here's Why - CNN
A new study finds that young people seem to be less likely to get tested for HIV than older adults. The most common reason reported for having never been tested was that they thought they were "unlikely to have been exposed to HIV."

PrEP Isn't Just for Men Who Have Sex With Men - Should You Be on It? - SELF
PrEP is a medication that can drastically reduce the likelihood of getting HIV if you're at risk, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Here's what you need to know about HIV, how PrEP protects against it, and whether you should consider taking this drug.

Tolerance Takes a Hit: Americans Less Accepting of LGBT People in 2017, Survey Shows - USA Today
A new survey finds that, for the first time in four years, Americans are less accepting of LGBT people - a setback activists say is stunning but not unexpected after a turbulent 2017.

What Teen Sexting Reveals About Women and Sexual Coercion - Time
A recent study of sexting among 12- to 18-year-old girls found that most girls felt pressured to comply with requests to send naked photos of themselves to boys who demanded them.

How Lucky Bloke Is Changing How Condoms Are Bought & Sold - Bustle
A large variety of condoms are out there, but people often don't know what size or type to buy, or where to find them, so they often end up using condoms that are wrong for them. The online condom marketplace Lucky Bloke is trying to change this. 

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