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Why the Brain Is Our Most Important Sex Organ - SheKnows
A big part of our sex lives is defined by the things we have learned about sex, by how we think about sex and by what we believe about relationships. NCSH spokeswoman, Dr. Logan Levkoff, discusses how our minds can affect our sexuality.

From The Frontlines of a Sexual Assault Epidemic: Two Therapists Share Stories - NPR
Nora Baladerian and Karyn Harvey are therapists who treat people with intellectual disabilities who have been the victims of sexual violence. NCSH member, The Arc, worked with NPR on this story. Read more from this NPR Special Series: Abused and Betrayed

#MeToo Movement Causes Flood of Calls to Sexual Assault Hotlines - Business Insider
The phones at US sexual assault hotlines have been ringing in record numbers as the #MeToo social movement spurs victims to reach out for help, sending organizations scrambling to keep up.  

Sex, Love, & Marriage Through the Eyes of an Autistic Woman - Refinery 29 
Just because a sexual relationship might require more communication for autistic people, doesn't mean they don't (or can't) have sex - a common misconception.    

Contraceptive App Under Fire for Unwanted Pregnancies - CNN Tech
The Natural Cycles app, a certified contraceptive in Europe, uses an algorithm to predict when a woman is most fertile. But a Swedish hospital is raising attention about unintended pregnancies related to the app.

On Aziz Ansari and Sex That Feels Violating Even When It's Not Criminal - Huffington Post
If the #MeToo movement is going to amount to sustained culture change, we need to renegotiate the sexual narratives we've long accepted. And that involves having complicated conversations about sex that is violating but not criminal.

Yes, People Are Changing the Definition of Sex and Consent-That's a Good Thing - Elle
The affirmative consent standard scares us (or at least some of us) because it requires that we totally rethink sex - and because it condemns many interactions we now think of as "normal."  

Cycling Does Not Harm Men's Sexual Health, Study Says - BBC News
Researchers compared cyclists with runners and swimmers and found their sexual and urinary health was comparable. The findings contrasted with previous studies that suggested cycling could negatively affect men's sexual function.  

An App Hoping to Make Sexual Consent Transparent Is Facing an Immediate Backlash - UPROXX
LegalFling hopes to create a vehicle for explicit consent before partners enter into a physical relationship. The app will also let users create a list of do's and don'ts based on their personal preferences. Twitter is not having this.  

Why Your Sex Drive is in Low Gear - CNN
Many people are hopeful that a decrease in sex drive has a simple cause and a simple solution. While that's true in some cases, low libido is more often the complex result of several intertwining factors.

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