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Why Are People Choosing Not to Use Condoms? – Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan teamed up with Power to Decide, an NCSH member, to survey 2,000 men and women on their condom use—or rather, their alarming lack thereof. According to survey results, 65% did NOT use a condom the last time they had sex.

Other News This Week

Judge Blocks Trump Effort to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate Nationwide – Washington Post
A federal judge in Pennsylvania stepped in to pause Trump administration rules that would restrict the ability of some women to get birth control at no charge because their employers object on religious or moral grounds.

Backlash Erupts After Gillette Launches A New #MeToo-Inspired Ad Campaign – NPR
Giant razor-maker Gillette got itself into a bit of a tough scrape with a new, nearly two-minute-long ad promoting the ideals of the #MeToo movement and undercutting toxic masculinity.

The Woman Who Gave Birth in a Vegetative State Has Given a Face to an Issue that Happens with Disturbing Frequency – Insider
The sexual assault investigation into a woman who gave birth in a vegetative state in Arizona is highlighting a bigger issue of institutional abuse. Experts say sexual abuse of people with disabilities is shockingly common.

Killings of Transgender People in the US Saw Another High Year – CNN
Despite an all-time high in trans-visibility, violence against the trans community is getting worse, community advocates say.

What Is Maintenance Sex? It May Help Strengthen Your Marriage – NBC News
A decrease in sex frequency is expected (and normal) in long-term relationships. Here's why you should consider scheduling some time in the bedroom.

5 Things You Definitely Don't Learn in Sex Ed – Seventeen
Here’s how real people feel about their high school health class experiences, and what they hope future classes add to the curriculum.

There’s a Better Way to Ask Your Kids if They’re Ready to Have Sex – Quartz
It’s no secret that many parents struggle with talking to their kids about sex. But a new study from Britain suggests those conversations may be key in helping kids navigate their first sexual experiences.

How to Stop Your Period With Birth Control – Self
If you could do without bleeding from your vagina every month, you should know that there are ways to potentially stop your period with birth control, and it’s perfectly healthy.

Can A Romantic Relationship Survive Without Sex? – Refinery29
Does a dry spell, an extremely common relationship phase, really mean that you're doomed? In other words, can a relationship survive without sex?

Everything You Need To Know About HIV and PrEP – Jezebel
PrEP can be a valuable tool for women of all experiences who either can’t or don’t want to negotiate condom use with their partners.

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