Sexual Health in the News February 9 - February 15

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Syphilis Is Skyrocketing, But Experts Are Worried No One Cares. We Need to Talk About It. – USA Today
Experts are concerned about surging syphilis cases and the lack of attention by the public due to factors like COVID-19 fatigue and psychological barriers, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and safer sex. NCSH arranged interviews with Dr. Peter Leone and Dr. Ana Cepin.

Bumble’s 2024 Dating TrendsYahoo! News
Bumble's 2024 dating trends emphasize self-acceptance, individual timelines, and prioritizing quality connections over traditional relationship milestones, as highlighted by NCSH member and sexologist, Shan Boodram.

9 Erogenous Zones Not to Ignore During SexAARP
Explore beyond the typical erogenous zones with a game of “sexploration” to discover nine lesser-known areas that can enhance arousal during sex. NCSH arranged interviews with Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson and Dr. Amanda Pasciucco.

Maternal Syphilis Rates in The U.S. Have Tripled in Recent Years, CDC Report Shows, Raising Infection Risk for InfantsCNN
U.S. maternal syphilis rates have tripled since 2016, resulting in a surge in congenital syphilis cases, highlighting the urgent need for improved testing and access to care. CDC and NCSH member, National Coalition of STD Directors, are featured.

Mental Health Emerges as A Dividing Line in Abortion Rights Initiatives Planned for State BallotsAP News
Proposed abortion rights ballot measures reveal key differences, among them the inclusion of mental health exceptions, with experts emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health concerns in reproductive healthcare policies. Story features NCSH member, Physicians for Reproductive Health.


Other News This Week

Post-Roe v. Wade, More Patients Rely on Early Prenatal Testing as States Toughen Abortion Laws – AP News
State abortion restrictions drive pregnant patients to seek early ultrasounds and genetic screenings for crucial decision-making, despite diagnostic limitations and tight cutoff dates post-Roe v. Wade.

'Women's Bill of Rights' Policies Could Impact Daily Lives of Transgender CommunityABC News
Proposed legislation in multiple states aims to legally define “man” and “woman” based on reproductive anatomy, potentially impacting transgender rights and gender-related legal protections.

9 Things No One Tells You About Sex After 70Huffpost
Sex in older age is often misunderstood due to societal taboos, but many older adults remain sexually active and interested despite physical challenges like erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness.

Is It Safe to Have Sex If You Have Heart Disease?Verywell Health
People with heart disease can generally have sex safely, but should watch for symptoms like chest pain, and discussing concerns with a healthcare provider is crucial.

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