Sexual Health in the News February 5 - February 11

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Why Sex Can Stir Up Anxious Feelings—And What You Can Do to Cope – Greatist
Anxiety after sex is relatively common. Experts discuss common causes, coping strategies, and when it’s time to seek professional help. NCSH arranged the interview with Amanda Pasciucco from NCSH member, AASECT. 

Other News This Week

Biden Administration Extends Housing Protections to LGBTQ People – NBC News
Same-sex couples and transgender individuals disproportionately experience housing discrimination and will now have access to recourse under federal law.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Reminds Us of the Deep Costs of Inequality – The Washington Post
Diseases don’t hit Americans equally. Black Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population, but 43% of new HIV diagnoses. This grim statistic underscores the significance of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and the need for equitable access to care and treatment.

Biden Wants More Stable Diplomacy. An Abortion Fight Is a Test. – The New York Times
U.S. funding for overseas health providers that offer abortion services has vacillated with the changing of administrations for decades. Congress is debating whether to settle the policy by law.

CDC: LGBT Community at Greater Risk to Experience Severe COVID-19 Symptoms – The Hill
According to a new CDC report, LGBT people are more likely to have underlying health conditions that increase their risk of contracting the coronavirus and experiencing severe symptoms of the disease.

California May Make It Illegal to Remove a Condom Without Consent – INSIDER
California could be the first state to make stealthing – removing a condom without a person's consent – illegal. If this new bill passes, stealthing would be classified as sexual battery and survivors could sue for emotional and physical damages.

Think You Can’t Have Good Sex After a Chronic Illness Diagnosis? Think Again – Healthline
Just because you have a new chronic illness, your sex life shouldn’t be halted because of bad advice, embarrassed doctors, or a lack of knowledge.

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Taking Birth Control – INSIDER
When you go off birth control, you're essentially resetting your body's hormonal behavior back to default mode. Here are seven things that may happen when you stop taking birth control.

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