Sexual Health in the News February 4 - February 10

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Study on Sexual Health: Sexperts Offer Tips for Finding Intimacy This Valentine’s Day –
Some couples may not even know where to start when they encounter problems in the bedroom. That’s when sexperts can offer empathetic and knowledgeable guidance. NCSH arranged the story and lined up interviews with Justin Lehmiller and Amanda Pasciucco.

13 Health Benefits of Sex – The Checkup
It’s more than just a good time. A romp in the hay can improve everything from your mood to your heart health. NCSH secured the interview with Dr. Gonzalez.  

Other News This Week

More States Want to Restrict How LGBTQ+ People, Issues Are Discussed in Schools – Teen Vogue
At least seven states have introduced bills to regulate how textbooks and school curriculums talk about LGBTQ+ people or how teachers can discuss gender identity and sexual orientation with students.

Federal Appeals Court Rules in Biden’s Favor on Abortion Referrals – NBC News
At issue are new rules that returned the family planning program known as Title X to how it ran under the Obama administration, when clinics could refer women seeking abortions to a provider.

TikTok Bans Misgendering, ‘Deadnaming’ Transgender People – The Hill
The social media giant also said it would take a more hardline approach to prevent content related to self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, and misogyny from spreading on the platform.

Harmful Bills, Political Attacks Are Taking a Toll on LGBTQ Youth’s Mental Health – USA Today
LGBTQ youth are expressing a wide range of emotions in response to recent political attacks. The Trevor Project, the largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth, report many are scared and worried, and some have expressed suicidal thoughts over the laws being debated in their state.

Why Herpes Isn’t as Big of a Deal as You May Think – Reader’s Digest
Chicken pox. Shingles. Mononucleosis. Cold sores. None of these ailments are fun, but you typically don’t freak out about them. Then throw genital blisters in with the group. All these conditions — including bumps down below — are caused by some form of the herpes virus.

Campus Protests Around Sexual Assault Look Different This Year – The Hill
“What I’ve been intrigued by is the messaging of the protests in particular,” Tracey Vitchers, executive director of It’s On Us, said. “They’re asking for accountability for perpetrators in a way that we haven’t really seen before.”

What Moms Who Provide Abortion Care Think About Their Jobs – TODAY
Abortion care providers don’t just hold the title of “doctor,” “nurse,” “administrator” or “doula.” Many are also called “mom.”

Sex Tech’s False Promises – WIRED
There’s more to sex than the physical engineering—which is why technology alone can’t solve all the problems it claims to.

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