Sexual Health in the News February 26 - March 4

NCSH in the News

What to Do if You May Have Been Exposed to an STI – Giddy
A possible STI is not the end of the world! If you think you may have been exposed, keep a level head and take action. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member, Jenelle Marie Pierce, of The STI Project.  

Sex & COVID-19: How You Can Stay Protected – Giddy
Many people are not refraining from sex during the long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic, but they still need to engage in it safely. NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Peter Leone and coalition member, Dr. Logan Levkoff.

Other News This Week

The Inclusivity Trap – The Washington Post
Asking patients for their pronouns can help us provide more inclusive care that helps transgender and non-conforming individuals feel supported. But what do you do when some patients shut down or become hostile toward this questioning?

SCOTUS Quietly Banned the Abortion Pill from Mail—the Only Mail-In Medication Barred during the Pandemic – INSIDER
Last month, The Supreme Court voted to ban the abortion pill from mail order during the pandemic, making it the only prescription medication to have such restrictions.

Navigating Consent Is All About Communication. Here’s Where to Start. – NPR
It's helpful to think of consent as a continuous navigation between sex partners to help ensure that everybody involved is OK with what's happening and actively participating. Here are audio and print stories that can help.

Potato Head Goes Gender Neutral. What Is Gender Neutrality and How Can I Be More Inclusive? – USA Today
Here’s what you should know about gender neutrality, using gender-neutral language, and how to find and provide support.

Texas’s Power Outage Sparked a Reproductive Health Care Crisis – Fortune
When the electric grid recently went down in Texas, it temporarily closed at least 17 out of 21 abortion clinics in the state, sparking a reproductive health crisis that will take weeks to recover from.

OB/GYNs Answer All Your Questions About Having Sex with HPV – Bustle
If you have an active lesion or growth, it should be addressed, but just because you have a history of HPV, or tested positive for it, doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex. 

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