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Florida House Approves Bill Prohibiting Schools From Discussing Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity In K-3 ClassroomsCNN 
A new bill would restrict teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. The aim is to assert more parental control over children’s education.  

Six Months in a State of EmergencyThe Cut
SB8, which effectively banned abortions in Texas when it took effect six months ago, has created an unsustainable demand for abortion services in nearby states. This article highlights the many challenges faced by one clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

HIV Preventive Care Is Supposed to Be Free in the US. So, Why Are Some Patients Still Paying?Kaiser Health News 
Under provisions of the ACA, health insurers are required to cover the cost of HIV preventive care. However, many patients are still receiving large bills and many plans continue to be noncompliant.  

Only Half Of US Adolescents Receive Adequate Sex Education — And Black And Hispanic Youth Are Especially Left BehindPsyPost
A new study found that only a fraction of adolescents receive sex education that meets the minimum standard. Young people of color were especially unlikely to receive adequate sex education.   

The Relationship Between Birth Control and Hair LossSHAPE
Different types of contraception have various side effects, which sometimes can mean hair loss or thinning. Experts explain the relationship between birth control and  these side effects and how to chose the best contraception for yourself.  

Sex After A C-Section Isn't Easier Than Sex After A Vaginal Delivery, But There Are Ways To Make It More Comfortable, According To An OB-GYNINSIDER
Regardless of the type of delivery, post-partum sex and sexual function can be difficult to navigate. Experts provide strategies on how to help address potential concerns.  


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