Sexual Health in the News February 23 - February 29

NCSH in the News

Surge In Syphilis Cases Drives Some Doctors to Ration PenicillinNPR
Syphilis cases are on the rise, causing a penicillin shortage and prompting rationing for pregnant patients, while Pfizer works to increase production. CDC and NCSH member, National Coalition of STD Directors, are featured.

Therapists Reveal 7 Relationship Rules That WorkHuffpost
Therapists emphasize communication, transparency, trust-building, and realistic expectations for maintaining healthy relationships. Psychologist and sex therapist, Shannon Chavez, a NCSH member, is quoted.

Other News This Week

Republican Opposition to Birth Control Bill Could Alienate Voters, Poll FindsYahoo! News
Republican resistance to a birth control bill risks alienating voters due to widespread support for contraception access, potentially leading to backlash, particularly after the recent Supreme Court ruling.

By Defining Sex, Some States Are Denying Transgender People Legal RecognitionNBC News
Some states are defining sex as binary, potentially denying legal recognition to transgender individuals, and creating uncertainty for intersex people, amid conservative efforts to restrict transgender rights.

Sex Ed Classes in Some States May Soon Watch a Fetal Development Video from An Anti-Abortion GroupCBS News
Some states are considering bills mandating the viewing of an anti-abortion animated fetal development video in schools, raising concerns about its accuracy and suitability for young audiences.

Fort Worth ISD Approves Abstinence-Based Sex Education Curriculum After Divided Debate - Yahoo! News
The Fort Worth ISD adopts an abstinence-based sex education curriculum amid a divided debate, with proponents advocating for chastity and opponents pushing for comprehensive sex education.

Men Get Real About Whether They'd Use Male Birth ControlHuffpost
Men's perspectives on using male birth control are discussed amid concerns over side effects and societal perceptions, especially in light of recent legal developments impacting reproductive rights.

Women Love Men Who Embrace 'Babygirl' Vibe — And Ditch Toxic MasculinityNew York Post
The trend of men embracing the "babygirl" vibe challenges toxic masculinity, appealing to Gen Z by promoting emotional openness and breaking traditional gender norms.

How To Delay Your Period Safely with Birth Control, Per DoctorsWomen’s Health
Experts recommend using hormonal birth control methods to safely delay periods, providing benefits such as symptom relief and convenience, while natural methods like lemon juice are unproven.

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