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10 Quick Pieces of Dating Advice from Relationship ExpertsPsychology Today
Dating is a journey of self-growth, emphasizing kindness and friendship over instant chemistry, while striving to be the best version of oneself. Advice from relationship experts includes The Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.

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As Syphilis Cases Surge in the U.S., Here’s What Infectious Disease Experts Want You to KnowFox News
Syphilis cases in the U.S. reached a record high in 2022, with experts linking the surge to factors such as inadequate testing, decreased use of protection, and a decline in sexual health services, among others.

South Carolina Woman Sues Over State's Six-Week Abortion BanU.S. News & World Report
A SC woman, along with Planned Parenthood, filed a lawsuit asking a court to rule that state's abortion ban applies after about nine weeks of pregnancy, not six, saying that the law's language is ambiguous.

Researchers Behind Abortion Pill Studies Land in Hot Water with Science JournalHuffPost
Two studies supporting a crackdown on mifepristone access were retracted by the scientific publisher Sage due to conflicts of interest with anti-abortion groups and a lack of scientific rigor used in research.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Older Adults Pose a Global Public Health Challenge, Study SaysMedical Xpress
A recent study highlights the global public health challenge posed by increasing rates of STIs among older adults, emphasizing the need for greater awareness, stigma reduction, and preventive measures.

Largest Survey of Transgender People in The U.S. Reveals Key Insights at A Time When Trans Rights Are Under AttackCNN
Largest U.S. survey on transgender people highlights disparities in healthcare, employment, and discrimination amid increasing attacks on trans rights, emphasizing the need for fair treatment and understanding.

Newsom Signs Bill Making HIV Prevention Meds Available Without PrescriptionThe Hill
The bill authorizes pharmacists to furnish PrEP, a drug that helps prevent HIV infection prior to exposure, as well as PEP, a drug used for patients exposed to HIV, if specified conditions are met.

These Vending Machines Are Giving Out Free STI Tests. Can They Save Lives?MSN News
UK vending machines offer free STI self-test kits to overcome testing barriers, though their feasibility and effectiveness in other healthcare systems like the U.S. remain uncertain.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Improves Sex. No One Will Talk About ItUSA Today
Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction shows promise but is hindered by societal taboos. And its effectiveness and acceptance are still uncertain despite positive testimonials and increasing interest.

Are You with A Gaslighter? Signs and StrategiesPsychology Today
The article discusses the prevalence of gaslighting in relationships, providing signs to recognize it and strategies to combat it, emphasizing the importance of seeking support if needed.

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