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How to Ask for What You Want in the Bedroom, According to Sex Therapists – The EveryGirl
A satisfying sex life is important to many people, but what that looks like is different for everyone. That is why open and honest communication with partners about your desires is essential. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Rachel Needle.

From Book Bans to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill, LGBTQ Kids Feel ‘Erased’ in the Classroom – NBC News
Facing limiting legislation, book bans, harassment and more, gay and transgender youth say they are being “erased” from the U.S. education system. NCSH member, GLSEN, is featured.

Other News This Week

More US Adults Identify as LGBTQ Now Than at Any Time in the Past Decade, A New Poll Says – CNN
The percentage of adults who told Gallup they identify as LGBTQ has doubled since 2012, from 3.5% of Americans then to 7.1% of Americans in 2021—a trend largely propelled by Gen Z adults.

Majority of US Abortions in 2020 Were Medication Abortions, Analysis Finds – The Guardian
The increase came as telehealth and mailing medication during the pandemic made healthcare accessible for vulnerable people.

FDA Finally Approves Condoms for Anal After Years of Campaigning from Sexual Health Professionals – INSIDER
For the first time, the FDA approved a condom specifically for anal sex. Medication that prevents HIV exists, but not everyone at risk uses it. Experts say condoms can bridge that gap, and also prevent other STIs.

Texas Governor Calls on Citizens to Report Parents of Transgender Kids for Abuse – NBC News
Governor Greg Abbott said those who fail to report instances of minors receiving gender-affirming medical care could face “criminal penalties.”

More African Americans Have Gained Health Insurance Following Adoption of the Affordable Care Act, HHS Report Finds – The Washington Post
The percentage of Black Americans who lack medical insurance has dropped substantially since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, but that progress largely depends on where people live.

Women Who Experience Sexual Assault, Workplace Harassment Are More Likely to Develop Hypertension, Study Says – USA Today
It’s well-known sexual violence and trauma takes a toll on long-term mental health. But newly released data, which was not surprising to experts, found it may also affect the heart decades later.

Why Protecting Birth Control Is Needed Now More Than Ever – Rewire News Group
It's been over a decade since the Affordable Care Act mandated contraception access—and yet many people still struggle to get the birth control they need.

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