Sexual Health in the News February 16 - February 22

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6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Sex after 50 - AARP
The article provides insights into addressing sexual health concerns after age 50, emphasizing the importance of open communication with healthcare providers. NCSH arranged interviews with Dr. Evelin Dacker, Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, Dr. Katharine O’Connell White, and Dr. Jeffrey Kwong.

8 States Restricted Sex Ed Last Year. More Could Join Amid Growing Parents' Rights Activism - USA Today
Eight states passed laws restricting sex education amid rising parental rights activism, with measures targeting LGBTQ+ discussions and emphasizing parental control. Michelle Slaybaugh and Alison Macklin, of SIECUS, a NCSH member, are quoted.

'Singles In America' Study: Daters Breaking the Ice with AI -
The study reveals that a minority of American singles are using AI to enhance their dating profiles and messaging, indicating a growing trend. NCSH member, the Kinsey Institute, commented on the findings.

Other News This Week

Proposed Questions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity for The Census Bureau's Biggest Survey - AP News
The U.S. Census Bureau plans to test questions on sexual orientation and gender identity in its upcoming comprehensive survey, potentially marking their first inclusion in the American Community Survey.

Treating Vaginal Dryness Around and After MenopauseU.S. News & World Report
Vaginal dryness is common during and after menopause but can be eased with various products such as moisturizers, lubricants, and low-dose estrogen creams, according to experts.

Withdrawal and the Pullout Method: It Works, So Why Are Doctors So Against It? - Slate 
The article examines the withdrawal method as a contraceptive option, addressing its effectiveness when used correctly and the stigma surrounding its use among healthcare providers and educators.

Another Study Finds Abortion Pills Prescribed via Telehealth are SafeHealthline
A new study confirms the safety and efficacy of telemedicine for self-managed medication abortion, offering crucial evidence amidst legal debates over abortion access and potential ban on mifepristone.

6 Myths About Menopause Doctors Want You to Stop BelievingWell+Good
The article debunks six menopause myths, emphasizing the importance of treatment, addressing concerns, exploring alternatives, and promoting open communication with healthcare providers.

Here’s How to Tell If You’re Really in an Intimate RelationshipCosmopolitan via AOL
The article delves into identifying genuine intimacy in romantic relationships, highlighting expert insights and ways to nurture it through communication, physical affection, mindfulness, and mutual respect.

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