Sexual Health in the News February 11 - February 17

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A Guide To The "Male G-Spot," aka How To Have Prostate OrgasmsMindBodyGreen Relationships
Most people have heard of the vaginal “g-spot’, but many don’t realize that there is a prostate equivalent, known as the “p-spot.” Dr. Joshua Gonzalez and Dr. Abraham Morgentaler are featured.  

11 Sneaky Causes of a Low Sex Drive in WomenSELF 
NCSH member, Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson, and Dr. Rachel Needle explain some of the reasons women may have lower sex drive and suggest solutions to address concerns. 

Insurance Companies Are Giving Ridiculous Reasons For Not Covering New Birth Control MethodsJezebel 
Individuals share experiences with insurance companies denying coverage for contraceptive methods. Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley of Power to Decide, a NCSH member, shares the legal and health implications of denying this coverage. 

Disabled People Need Sex Ed TooTeen Vogue 
This article shares stories of those with different physical abilities and how their lack of disability- friendly sex education has impacted their sex life. Data from SIECUS, a NCSH member, is featured. 

Other News This Week

Americans Less Likely To Have Sex, Partner Up And Get Married Than EverCNN Health
New survey data shows lower rates of sexual encounters, romantic partnerships, and marriages in young adults.

Congress Passes New Law Ending Forced Arbitration For Sexual Harassment And Assault Claims – Forbes
A new law eases the process for survivors of sexual assault and/or harassment to bring suit in court and not be forced to arbitrate their legal claims. 

Florida's House Passes A Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks Of PregnancyReuters
Florida's new law makes exceptions to the 15-week rule only if the mother is at risk of death or physical impairment, or if the fetus has a fatal abnormality. No exceptions for rape or incest are included.

Emergency Contraception Could Have A Home On Every Campus In IllinoisNPR
An Illinois bill would require universities to have a vending machine stocked with emergency contraception. This bill would reduce barriers for students trying to access the medication.  

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