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Why the IUD is Suddenly Queen of the Contraceptive World – Well and Good
Doctors highlight the history of the IUD, its recent rise in popularity, and factors to consider before deciding if it is right for you. NCSH member, Dr. Katherine White, is quoted.

Trichomoniasis Is the Overlooked STI Behind a "Hot Debate" in Sexual Health – Inverse
NCSH member, Dr. Charlotte Gaydos, and expert Dr. Christina Muzny (via NCSH member Power to Decide) discuss trichomoniasis—a STI with hard-to-gauge symptoms, no routine screening, and no reportable national data to help monitor prevalence and study it.

Other News This Week

To Halt HIV, Advocates Push For PrEP Outreach To Black Women – NPR
Rates of HIV transmission among white men have dropped by 10 percent since 2011, but little change has been seen among black women, the group with the second highest risk of infection. Promotion of PrEP to black women has been limited. New efforts are underway to increase access and use.

Congress Grills Military Academy Superintendents Over Spike in Sexual Assaults – USA Today
The House Armed Services Committee recently questioned US military academies who saw a nearly 50 percent increase in sexual assault incidents last year.

HPV Stigma Can Impact Cervical Cancer Screening Rates & That Could Have Terrible Consequences – Bustle
According to a recent study, uncertainty and stigma related to HPV are still prevalent, potentially dissuading women from getting cervical screenings and indicating a need for better sex education.

Condom Use Is Tanking Among Men. But Why? – Men’s Health
According to experts, men ditching condoms may be influenced by no-condom pornography, a lack of education around sex, public distrust of public-health recommendations, and alcohol.

Gender-Affirming Treatment Tied to Better Quality of Life for Older Adults – Reuters
Older transgender adults who are able to receive gender-affirming treatment are eight times as likely to report high quality of life compared to those who are unable to receive treatment.

The Title IX Comment Period Will Reopen For Just One Day, So Take Advantage – Bustle
Due to a technical glitch, the Department of Education will accept comments on Betsy Devos’ proposed Title IX changes through Friday, February 15.

The Bored Sex – The Atlantic
According to relationship experts, women—more than men—are frustrated or dissatisfied with exclusive sex in long-term relationships.

10 Biggest Misconceptions About Sex, Debunked By OB-GYNs & Sexperts – Elite Daily
From STIs to foreplay to proper hygiene—10 gynecologists, clinical sexologists, and fertility experts share the common misconceptions they hear from patients.

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