Sexual Health in the News Feb 7 - Feb 13

NCSH in the News

‘What I Wish I Had Known When I Was Diagnosed with Herpes 5 Years Ago’ – Women’s Health
Sexologist and NCSH member Emily L. Depasse explains how she came to terms with—and overcame—the stigma often associated with herpes.

Do You Need to Tell a New Partner You Have Herpes? Experts Explain – Bustle
Experts discuss whether you need to disclose a herpes diagnosis to new partners and factors that play a role such as state laws. NCSH member, Jenelle Marie Pierce of The STI Project, is quoted.

Other News This Week

Suicide Rates Fall Among Gay Youth but Still Outpace Straight Peers – NBC News
A study looking at teen suicide rates between 2009 and 2017 found non-heterosexual young people were more than three times as likely to attempt suicide.

More Than 200 Medical Professionals Condemn Bills Trying to Restrict Transgender Kids from Getting Gender Reassignment Treatments – CNN
While several states have proposed curbing transgender minors’ access to gender-affirming health care, over 200 medical professionals are pushing back against the legislation, calling it discriminatory.

Evelyn Yang, Robert Hadden and How the Health Care System Silences Sexual Assault Survivors – NBC News
Evelyn Yang’s disclosure that she experienced sexual assault by her obstetrician opens the door for a discussion of how health care systems can allow sexual assault to occur— and address it ineffectively.

The Psychology of the Threesome: Everyone Wants One, But Who’s Truly Ready for It? – The Guardian
A threesome is the most common sexual fantasy among Americans—as well as “the fantasy that [is] least likely to turn out well.” Experts discuss the latest research on real-life experiences.

The Case for Lube, No Matter What Kind of Sex You’re Having – Mic
While lube is often associated with masturbating teenage boys, menopausal women, and anal sex, experts explain how lube can bring added benefits no matter what kind of sex you’re having.

Ask a Sex Expert: What Causes Low Sex Drive in Women and How Can I Increase Mine? – Women’s Health
A gynecologist discusses causes of low sex drive in women and steps to help treat it, including seeing a sex therapist, talking to your doctor about medication, and exploring porn and erotica.

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