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Most Adults Should be Screened for Hepatitis C, New U.S. Guidelines Urge – The New York Times
The opioid crisis and an increase in illicit drug use have fueled a resurgence of hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver, resulting in new guidelines calling for the screening of all adults ages 18 to 79.

Transgender Voters May Be Turned Away in 2020 Election, Report Says – HuffPost
Laws intended to combat voter fraud could impact trans voters who do note have identification that accurately reflects their gender identity.

How High School Sex Ed Is Changing Post-#MeToo – GQ
A look at the educators who are taking a more holistic approach to sex and relationships programming in an attempt to curb sexual assaults and better prepare their students for love.

‘Whiplash’ of LGBTQ Protections and Rights, From Obama to Trump – NPR
The White House has immense power over LGBTQ protections and rights. In the last several years, two White House administrations have used this power in diametrically opposite ways.

Sexual Side Effects from Medication Are the Problem No One Wants to Discuss – HuffPost
Medications can often lead to low sex drive, but too many people are afraid to bring it up with their doctors.

Idaho House Passes Bill Barring Transgender People from Changing Birth Certificate – The Hill
The proposed bill comes despite a 2018 federal court ruling forbidding the state from blocking transgender citizens from augmenting their birth certificates.

Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus and Sex – Men’s Health
Research is still emerging, but here is what experts know so far about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and potential sexual transmission.

Why Having a Sexual Dry Spell Can Be a Good Thing – Cosmopolitan
Having a break from sex doesn’t always need to be negative. Experts weigh in on reasons to take a break, and the benefits it can bring.

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