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Not Enough People Know They’re at Risk of Contracting an STI – Rewire.News
A recent survey found that only 13 percent of adults knew that over half of people in the United States will contract an STI during their lifetime, and only 8 percent felt personally at risk.

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Landmark #MeToo Moment – Associated Press
Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape and sexual assault. The conviction is being seen as a long-overdue reckoning after years of whispers about his behavior turned into a torrent of accusations in 2017 that destroyed his career and gave rise to #MeToo.

The Supreme Court is About to Determine the Rights of Same-Sex Couples Looking to Adopt – Mic
On Monday, the Supreme Court announced it will hear a case on a Catholic agency refusing to place foster children in homes with same-sex couples. This case could deal a major blow to LGBTQ rights.

Are Flavored Condoms Safe? Here’s What to Know – Bustle
Flavored condoms were created based on the idea that having a condom that tastes less like latex might encourage people to use condoms during oral sex. But are they safe for vaginal or anal sex?

The Supreme Court Case That Could End Roe v. Wade, Explained – Vox
There are three ways the Court could decide June Medical Services v. Russo. Not one is good news for abortion rights.

Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS Reflect on What They’ve Witnessed and Endured – PBS
Long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS have prevailed through adversity, and are now aging into their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. These conversations present four of their stories.

The Cancer Lie People Believe About Sex Is Creating Stigma – Inverse
A study published this month claims to have found a link between having had ten or more sexual partners and an increased risk of cancer. But it’s not as simple as that.

South Carolina Sued Over Its Ban on LGBTQ Sex Ed Discussions – NBC News
The controversial law, which prohibits mention of non-heterosexual relationships in public schools unless the discussion involves sexually transmitted diseases, is currently being challenged in court.

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