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Should You Get Consent on Video Before Sex? That’s a ‘Red Flag’ for Some – USA Today
Sexual assault prevention advocates say people are being advised to get proof of consent for sexual encounters—but formal documentation in writing or video doesn’t capture how consent really works. NCSH member, Laura Palumbo, of NSVRC, is quoted.

Ask a Sex Expert: What’s the Worst that Can Happen If I Don’t Use Protection During Oral Sex? – Women’s Health
It’s not just penetrative sex—protection also matters during oral sex. NCSH member, Dr. Kate White, discusses the basics of oral sex safety, plus what form of protection you should be using to adequately protect yourself.

Other News This Week

5 Years After Indiana’s Historic HIV Outbreak, Many Rural Places Remain at Risk – NPR
Many rural areas plagued by addiction, despair, poverty, doctor shortages, and sparse drug treatment are vulnerable to HIV outbreaks, particularly if they don’t have access to needle exchange programs.

“Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” Aren’t Enforceable. But Patients Don’t Know That. – Bustle
Recently, abortion opponents have started passing local ordinances banning abortion to create what they call “sanctuaries for the unborn.” This misleading legislation is causing confusion for local residents about whether abortion is still legal at all.

The Surprisingly Fraught Question of Who Pays for Birth Control – The Atlantic
The burden of paying for many of the most common contraceptive methods usually falls on women. Some heterosexual couples try to fix that imbalance by splitting the cost. 

Opening a Pandora’s Box of Truths about Rape Kits – Vox
Artist Aliza Shvarts collected exam kits from across the country. Now, an exhibition is using them to explore evidence, consent, and the standard of care for assault victims. 

Trying to Decide What Birth Control to Use? Here’s How to Make the Decision – NPR
Choosing a contraceptive method is about more than birth control: It's also about sex and relationships and the baggage that comes along with those topics. Here are five tips to help you make a choice that's right for you. 

Why Are So Many Teens Ditching Condoms? – Healthline
From 2007 to 2017, condom use among U.S. high school students fell from 62 percent to 54 percent. While experts point to multiple reasons for the decline, the lack of sexual education is one clear culprit.

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