Sexual Health in the News Feb 1 - Feb 7

NCSH in the News

Open the Dialogue Around Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – Medical Economics
Stigma surrounding STIs often impedes effective communication between patients and their physicians. NCSH spokesperson, Edward Hook, MD, discusses the topic and what physicians can do to help.

Before Judging 'Late-Term Abortion,' Understand What It Means, Doctors SayCNN
With recent media attention on the phrase ‘late-term abortion', two ob-gyns explain what this means. NCSH member Physicians for Reproductive Health is quoted.

Other News This Week

Trump Plan to Stop Spread of H.I.V. Will Target ‘Hot Spot’ Areas – The New York Times
The Trump administration has launched their plan to end the HIV epidemic by 2030 through a focus on 48 counties where approximately half of all new infections in the U.S. occur.

Intimacy and Sex Are Important for Well-Being for Older Adults – The Washington Post
A recent study showed that both emotional and sexual intimacy are important factors for quality of life in older men and women.

Demand for IUDs and Birth Control Implants Rose After Trump’s Election Amid Insurance Concerns, Study Shows – The New York Times
According to a recent study, there was an increase in the insertion rate of long-acting reversible birth control devices soon after the 2016 presidential election.

Here's How Experts Define Good Sexual Health – Bustle
How experts define good sexual health goes beyond the physical—pleasure, autonomy, and consent are only a few of many other factors that come into play.

Three Quarters of People Cannot Define Asexuality, Here’s What It Means – The Independent
While progress has been made toward understanding the sexuality spectrum, many people remain confused by one orientation in particular: asexuality.

Why You Should Use Condoms, Even If You're On Hormonal Birth Control – Elite Daily
Experts explain why a combination of the 99 percent effective pill and 85 percent effective condom is good for your sexual health.

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