Sexual Health in the News December 8 - December 14

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Surging in America. The CDC Explains What to Look Out For - Salon
Sexual health is crucial for mental and physical well-being, however, the landscape of STIs is evolving. Here are things people should know about STIs and what to look out for. The CDC is featured.  

The 12 Best Strapless Strap-Ons For Harness-Free Fun - Women’s Health 
A strapless strap-on offers hands-free pleasure, allowing both partners to enjoy simultaneous satisfaction. Here are some options to enhance your sexual experience. Sari Cooper, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and co-founder of the Erotic Intimacy Academy is featured. 

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Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Showdown Over Abortion Pill Access - NBC News
The Supreme Court is set to decide on the accessibility of the abortion pill, mifepristone, as it considers appeals from the Biden administration and drugmaker Danco.  

Mpox Concerns Return With Outbreak in the Congo and Rising Cases in the U.S. - Everyday Health
A very infectious subtype of the mpox virus has been rapidly spreading in the Congo, reigniting fears that mpox could again grow into a global outbreak.  

Why Sex On Screen is Reaching a New Climax - Women’s Health 
Feminist porn, with women leading on and off-screen, reflects a change in the entertainment industry promoting ethical and realistic portrayals of sex. 

A 'Renaissance of Gay Literature' Marks a Turning Point For Publishing - NBC News
Publishers, booksellers and BookTok influencers shed light on the yearlong surge in LGBTQ fiction sales.  

Your Sex Life When Living With Genital Warts - Giddy
Genital warts, caused by certain strains of HPV, can occur in various ways. Here’s everything you need to know about the myths, testing, and management of genital warts. 

LGBTQ Activists in Minnesota Want Prosecutors to Treat the Killing of a Trans Woman as a Hate Crime - NBC News
LGBTQ activists in Minnesota are seeking hate crime charges after the killing of a trans woman, emphasizing the need for stronger legal safeguards.  

House GOP Will Introduce a Second Transgender Athlete Ban Next Week - The Hill 
House Republicans plan to introduce the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” a second legislative effort to ban transgender women and girls from participating in female school sports teams.  

Desire Discrepancy is About More Than Frequency - Psychology Today 
Desire discrepancy in couples involves factors that go beyond sex frequency. Here are the various aspects of sexual satisfaction to explore.  

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