Sexual Health in the News December 29 - January 4

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15 of the Best Sex Positions to Try When You’re PregnantThe Everymom
Pregnancy sex is generally safe and enjoyable throughout all trimesters, but it's advised to discuss any concerns with your obstetrical provider. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Soha S. Patel.

Emergency Contraception Sales Spike After New Year's. Here's Why — And How the Pills Prevent Pregnancy.  – Yahoo News
Emergency contraception sales surge post-New Year due to increased unplanned sexual encounters, emphasizing the importance of preparedness. Story features insights from Planned Parenthood Federation of America.


Other News This Week

Pregnancy Care Deserts Are Growing. Indigenous Babies Are at Risk.Vox
Rising congenital syphilis cases in South Dakota, particularly among Indigenous Americans, are linked to sparse access to rural obstetric care, emphasizing the need for improved maternity care and addressing barriers.

Ohio’s Republican Governor Vetoes Trans Care Restriction and Sports BanNBC News
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, vetoed a bill restricting trans care for minors and transgender girls in sports, emphasizing that such decisions should be made by parents and doctors, not the government.

New Laws For 2024: Gender-Neutral Toy Aisles, Retail Pet Stores and Contraceptive AccessNBC News
States across the country will ring in the new year with laws set to take effect throughout 2024 about issues like book bans, access to contraceptives, gender-neutral toy sections, and more.

From Gender-Affirming Care Bans to Minimum Wage Increases, These New Laws Take Effect January 1CNN
Starting January 1, new laws in several states cover gender-affirming care bans, abortion protections, minimum wage increases, and more.

Judge Blocks Iowa from Enforcing Ban on Books That Depict Sex MSNBC
A federal judge has temporarily blocked Iowa from enforcing a law that bans library books that depict sex acts and bars public school teachers from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation.

Threats To Abortion Access Drive Demand for Abortion Pills, Analysis SuggestsNPR
Fear of abortion restrictions drives increased demand for advance provision of abortion pills, with requests spiking during perceived threats to abortion access, according to a new analysis.

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