Sexual Health in the News December 16 - December 22

NCSH in the News

The Bittersweet Defeat of Mpox - Wired 
The epidemic has largely subsided, but largely because queer men seem to have learned more from AIDS and Covid-19 than the authorities did. David Harvey of NCSD, an NCSH member, quoted. 

First post-Roe spending bill includes no funding boost for family planning, angering groups Politico  
With Republicans taking the House majority next year, progressives had framed the bill as a critical opportunity. This story features PPFA, a NCSH member. 

How the Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Left Many Youth Behind Teen Vogue  
As medical and policy experts look to a future without Roe, they fear that young people who are forced to remain pregnant will face discrimination and maternal death. This story features Dr. Rachel Neal, of Physicians for Reproductive Health, a NCSH member. 

Other News This Week

Fewer abortions, more vasectomies: Why the procedure may be getting more popular - NPR 
Since this summer's U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, some doctors say they're hearing from a growing number of male patients asking for vasectomies. 

Overturning Roe and Other Important Reproductive Health Stories of 2022 Scientific American  
As the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade reversal put reproduction into the political limelight, Scientific American explored a range of issues related to abortion and reproductive health 

Roe vs. Wade reversal could affect millions of Latinas, UCLA study finds Los Angeles Times 
While the majority of Latinas are in California, Florida and Texas, a report noted that the latter two states are battlegrounds for antiabortion laws. 

How Does Disability Affect Sex? - Health News 
People living with disabilities are sexual beings and are entitled to safe and pleasurable sexual experiences and to explore their sexual and gender identities. 

It’s Time to Focus on Reproductive Longevity Research - Wired
Sidelined for too long, research into this vital aspect of health for people with ovaries will pick up pace in 2023—and it could see some big breakthroughs. 

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