Sexual Health in the News December 15 - December 21

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‘Sex Is a Normal Activity and Part of Our Human Experience’ - Politico
Dr. Leandro Mena, outgoing Chief of CDC's Division of STD Prevention, discusses rising STI cases, stigma around sex, and optimism for innovative tools despite COVID-19 challenges and funding threats.

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Gen Z Scoff at Concept of Virginity: ‘There’s Different Ways to Have Sex’New York Post
Gen Z challenges traditional views of virginity, while some reject the concept altogether, attributing the decline in sexual activity to pandemic-related factors and trauma.

Why Aren't Teens Having Sex? Report Gives Top Reasons Why Fewer Teens Are Sexually Active.USA Today
The CDC's report on teen sexual activity shows a decline and though contraception use has increased, concerns remain, including some teenage girls not using contraception in their first sexual experience.

DC Is Buzzing About a Senate Sex Scandal. What It Says About the Way We Discuss Gay Sex.USA Today
A DC gay sex scandal involving a Senate staffer prompts discussions about media portrayal of same-sex relations, with experts noting historical biases and societal attitudes toward LGBTQ+ relationships.

Scientists Are on The Verge of a Male Birth-Control Pill. Will Men Take It?The Guardian
Trials for a male contraceptive pill in Britain pose a test of whether heterosexual men will share the responsibility of preventing unwanted pregnancies, marking a potential step toward gender equality.

More People Hook Up When They’re Home for The Holidays, New Survey ShowsYahoo News
A survey of 850 single adults aged 18 to 44 indicates that almost 60% plan to engage in holiday hookups, with nostalgia, the festive spirit, and the desire for comfort cited as possible reasons by experts.

Schools Are a Critical Source of Health Information For LGBTQ+ AmericansU.S. News
Schools are vital in providing health information to LGBTQ+ Americans, with 17% having health conversations at school, highlighting the need for inclusive health education and outreach.

What It Takes for WA Trans Youth to Access Gender-Affirming CareSeattle Times
Accessing gender-affirming care for young trans individuals in Washington is impeded by parental consent, insurance limitations, and increased demand, despite legal support, highlighting challenges.

Sex Therapists Reveal the Most Common Issues That Plague Your Sex Life in Your 50s — And Give Tips on How to Fix ThemBuzzfeed
In your 50s, addressing common bedroom issues involves challenging stigmas around aging and sex, relieving performance pressure, managing stress, and more.

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