Sexual Health in the News December 11 - December 17

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Coronavirus-Themed Porn Made Me Feel Weirdly Hopeful About Life – Mic
Many people turn to porn to find out about sex. COVID porn could help normalize masked sex and help us cope during this lonely pandemic. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Justin Lehmiller of Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.

Other News This Week

FDA Launches Study That Could Lead to Removal of Restrictions on Blood Donations by Gay and Bisexual Men – ABC News
A U.S. study is underway that could lead to the removal of time-based blood donor restrictions on gay and bisexual men. The goal is to present findings that lead to a decision by late 2021.

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill That Would Ban Trans Women and Girls from Female Sports – TIME
A bill introduced the U.S. House of Representatives would dictate Title IX protections for female athletes be based strictly on biological sex, and LGBTQ advocates have decried it as inherently transphobic.

What Underground Abortions Could Look Like If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned – INSIDER
If Roe v. Wade is overturned, self-managed abortion with pills bought on the internet will probably be the most common underground method, and prison time will be more likely for those getting illegal abortions. 

COVID Baby Boom? No, 2020 Triggered a Baby Bust—And That Will Have Lasting Impacts – USA Today
Whether social distancing, financial strain, or child care uncertainty caused families to hit pause on having kids, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a decline in both planned and unplanned pregnancies.

Many Teens Don’t Have Sex. So Why Do Older Virgins So Often Feel Ashamed? – NBC News
We don’t talk enough about how it’s neither strange nor shameful to have your first sexual experience well after adolescence.

Lube Could Be Your Key to Better Orgasms—Here’s What You Need to Know – Refinery29
Lube is often recommended as a compensation for vaginal dryness, and we’re often told that it works as a band-aid for subpar sex––a stigma that can preclude us from employing lube to enjoy better sex.

Record Number of LGBTQ Candidates Won in November, New Data Reveals – NBC News
Lesbians were the most likely to triumph at the ballot box with a 55 percent success rate, according to research from the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Virtual Sex Shouldn’t Be Limited to a Phone or Video Call—Try This Instead – Healthline
Despite common misconceptions, virtual sex doesn’t start and stop with phone and video calls. Sexting, Snapchat sexing, digital sex parties, virtual threesomes, virtual reality porn, app-controlled toy play, and more all qualify.

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