Sexual Health in the News December 10 - December 16

NCSH in the News

America’s ‘Hot Vax Summer’ Fell Limp, Sex Survey Reveals – MLive
According to a Kinsey Institute survey, over half of Americans report sexual difficulties. The National Coalition for Sexual Health is launching a guide to address sexual concerns and increase pleasure.

“Hot Vax Summer” Was a Bust in the U.S.—New Research from Kinsey Institute and National Coalition for Sexual
Recent research shows that despite talk of a “hot vax summer,” over half of young Americans reported experiencing sexual difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mitad de adultos jóvenes en EEUU está sufriendo problemas sexuales en la pandemia, dice estudio – Univision
The inability to reach orgasm, lack of sexual desire, and other sexual difficulties are having a big impact on singles, warns the Kinsey Institute. To help, NCSH just released a guide with tips aimed at increasing pleasure.

Sexual Assault, Harassment, Bullying: Trans Students Say They’re Targeted at School – NBC News
Advocates say it’s unclear whether trans students are being harassed more at school this year or their stories are just getting more media attention. Regardless, they say schools aren’t doing enough to address the problem. NCSH member, GLSEN, is featured. 

Other News This Week

What Could Happen in the U.S. If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned – Healthline
If the landmark case were to be undone, the legality of abortion would be up to each state. Currently, twenty-six states are expected to ban or restrict access if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

U.S. LGBTQ+ Population Hits 20 Million – The Hill
That figure may still underestimate the community’s size, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation said.

Hormone Therapy Linked to Lower Suicide Risk for Trans Youths, Study Finds – NBC News
Advocates say the research highlights the dangerous effect of recent legislative efforts to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender minors.

We’re Seeing More Abortions Depicted on TV, But It’s Not Necessarily Helping the Cause – Jezebel
More on-screen characters are getting abortions, which is great, unless the stories aren’t accurate depictions of reality.

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