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Black Americans Still Struggle to Access PrEP, A Medication That Could Lower HIV Rates in The CommunityCNN
Despite its effectiveness, racial disparities persist in accessing PrEP medication, highlighting the need to address systemic barriers and integrate education into sexual health curricula.

From Underground Ballrooms to Beyonce’s Big-Screen Blockbuster, Vogue's Journey Brings LGBTQ Community TogetherABC News
Vogue dance, initially a safe space for Black and Latino LGBTQ dancers, gains mainstream recognition with Beyoncé's involvement, but ongoing hate crimes highlight continued challenges for the LGBTQ community.

Grassroots College Networks Distribute Emergency Contraceptives on CampusCBS News
Amid threats to reproductive freedom, college students nationwide are creating peer-to-peer networks to distribute free or affordable emergency contraceptives, birth control, and menstrual products.

World AIDS Day Marked with Events Raising Awareness and Encouraging Treatment Across New York CityCBS News
World AIDS Day in NYC featured events aimed at raising awareness, combat stigma, and encourage HIV testing, treatment, and prevention, with a focus on recognizing patients and communities' role in ending the epidemic.

For A Male Sexual Assault Survivor, Justice Won in Court Does Not Equal HealingAP News
Male sexual assault survivor Sam Schultz emphasizes the challenges faced by male survivors, including stigma and privacy concerns within the gay community, urging a discussion about consent.

If Women Don’t Climax, Do They Have Psychological Problems? Psychology Today
A Czech study with over 21,000 participants suggests that women's mental health and relationship quality have minimal impact on their ability to orgasm during intercourse, emphasizing the importance of sexual positions.

What Is 'Greysexuality'? Canadian Medical Journal Recognizes Lesser-Known Sexual OrientationNational Post
The Canadian Medical Association Journal recognizes 'greysexuality' as a subset of asexuality, emphasizing unique challenges and urging healthcare providers to use inclusive language and provide active support.

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