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Internet Gatekeepers Block Sex Ed Content Because Algorithms Think They're Porn – Mashable
The algorithms that drive products like YouTube, Facebook, and Apple's iOS software share a common challenge: They can't seem to consistently distinguish between pornography and sexual and reproductive health content. Lincoln Mondy of Advocates for Youth, an NCSH member, is quoted.

Some Americans Are Being Denied 'Life-Saving' Health Care. It's Because They Are Transgender – USA Today
Transgender people face significant barriers to accessing emergency care, routine check-ups, and gender dysphoria services. Experts and transgender people discuss how doctors are denying services, share stories of traveling great distances for competent care, and recommend comprehensive training for medical professionals.

Having Sex Boosts Old People's Health—We Should Be Talking About It – Newsweek
Humans are sexual beings, and this urge does not stop when the clock strikes 60. Or even 90. Sexual activity is a strong indicator of healthy aging and vitality.

What to Know About Rising STD Rates Among Seniors – US News & World Report
An analysis of patients on Athenahealth's network found that those over age 60 account for the biggest increase of in-office treatments for STDs.  Also, among this population, the diagnosis rates for herpes simplex, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis and chlamydia rose 23% from 2014 to 2017.

Teaching Kids How to Say ‘No’ Before College Lessens Risk of Sexual Assault in College – US News & World Report
New research finds that students who received sex education before college that included training in refusing unwanted sex were half as likely to be assaulted in college.

Warning: The Sex Drug Revolution May Have Side Effects – Forbes
Does the easing access to sex drugs like Viagra and Addyi present a net positive for sexual health? Given the silence around women’s pleasure, the new telemedicine company, Hers, is likely to find that more than a prescription is needed.

Female Condom Is Getting a Gender-Fluid Rebrand, FDA Says – New York Post
With a new name, the internal condom — once called the “female condom” — will be the most inclusive contraceptive and STI prophylactic on the market.

How to Talk About Sex with a New Partner, According to Porn Stars – Vice
If you want to have good sex with a new partner, then you have to talk about sex. That goes for both relationships and one-night stands. VICE reached out to adult performers for insights on how to navigate this conversation.

What Is Herpes and How Do I Know if I Have It? – Seventeen
Herpes is completely manageable and so common. Seventeen spoke to Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, family physician at One Medical, to find out everything you need to know about herpes.

After #MeToo, Those Who Report Harassment Still Risk Retaliation – Wall Street Journal
More employees are coming forward with sexual harassment complaints, but new data show negative consequences persist.

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