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Facebook’s ‘Inaccurate’ HIV PrEP Ads an ‘Imminent Danger,’ LGBTQ Groups Say – NBC News
More than 50 LGBT advocates say Facebook has ignored their calls to remove ads that falsely allege serious side effects of HIV prevention drugs, creating a major public health concern that puts patients at risk. 

Dramatic Drop in Abortion Providers as States Target Clinics with Restrictive Laws – CBS News
According to a new report, nearly a third of all independent abortion providers have either closed or stopped providing the procedure in the past five years. Providers state they can’t keep up with the cost of complying with new regulations.

Study: More People Reported Sex Crimes Around the World in the Wake of Me Too – Vox
A new study on the effects of the #MeToo movement found that it increased overall reporting of sex crimes by 14 percent, with about a 7 percent increase in the US.

Republicans Answer to the Equality Act and LGBTQ Discrimination Is Here – Vox
Republicans have introduced the Fairness For All Act, a compromise bill that would ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing, education, and public accommodations, but carves out broad exemptions for churches and religious organizations.

It Took Almost 50 Years, But TV Is Finally Getting Abortion Stories (Mostly) Right – Refinery29
Experts say onscreen portrayal of abortions have become more common, more medically accurate, and more diverse, but those getting abortions on TV still tend to be younger, whiter, wealthier, and less likely to already be parents than those getting abortions in real life.

In Pantene’s New Video Series, Transgender People Talk About What It’s Like to Go Home for the Holidays – CNN
A new video from Pantene highlights the stories of four transgender people as they return home and face both intolerant receptions and moments of joy and love.

Plan B Is Not an Abortion Pill, But Many Men Seem to Think It Is – Elite Daily
According to a recent study, one in three men believe that taking the morning-after pill is the same thing as having an abortion.

Making HIV Drugs Free Doesn’t Help People with No Access – Washington Post
The “Ready, Set, PrEP” program will provide HIV prevention medications free of charge for uninsured patients. However, the program requires patients to receive a prescription, which could be a barrier. 

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