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LGBT Patients May Prefer to Report Sexual Orientation in Writing – Reuters
According to a new study, LGBT patients treated in the emergency room are more comfortable reporting their sexual orientation on a medical form rather than in a discussion with a health care provider.

The Dangerous Rise of the IUD as Poverty Cure – New York Times
Researchers, advocates and policymakers claim IUDs and implants may be a powerful new tool to fight poverty. But this idea that limiting women’s reproduction can cure society’s ills has a long, shameful history in the United States.

Activists Brace for 2019 Abortion-Rights Battles in the States – NPR
With a newly configured U.S. Supreme Court, the stakes are high for abortion-rights battles at the state level. Abortion-rights advocates and opponents are preparing for a busy year — from a tug-of-war over Roe v. Wade to smaller efforts that could expand or restrict access to abortion.

What Some of the Men Felled By the #MeToo Movement Are Doing Now – NPR
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse about how a number of high-profile men castigated in the #MeToo movement conducted themselves in 2018.

5 STDs You Can Have Without Knowing It – SELF
It’s very possible to have STDs with no symptoms, so telling teens that they’ll be able to tell when they’re exposed to something is both unrealistic and irresponsible.

How to Have Sex in Public Without Getting Caught – Broadly/Vice
Exhibitionism is a common fetish. On the chance you're one of the many people who wants to have sex in public, it's important that you do so consensually, which means not involving unwilling strangers.

3 Ways Dating Someone Can Change Your Sex Drive, According To Experts – Elite Daily
You won’t know how dating someone can change your sex drive until you open yourself up and start heading in that direction. Here are some tips from the experts.

8 Reasons You and Your Partner Might Not be Enjoying Sex – Insider
Sex isn't always as effortless and enjoyable as it's sometimes portrayed in the movies and media. If you’re not enjoying sex with your partner, it may be worthwhile to look into or discuss several possible factors.

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