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Trump Trend: LGBTQ Mentions Quietly Axed from Discrimination Guidelines – NBC News
The Trump administration has quietly but systematically removed mentions of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” from executive branch guidelines on discrimination.

Just 1 Dose of the HPV Vaccine May Protect Against Infection, New Study Suggests – CNN
A recent study suggests that women who receive only one dose of the HPV vaccine may gain similar protection against infection compared with those who receive the recommended two or three doses.

Worried About Abortion Laws? Catholic Hospital Mergers Also Seen as Threat to Women’s Health Care – USA Today
After a merger, secular hospitals often agree to abide by the rules of the Catholic hospitals, banning certain procedures deemed “immoral,” like abortion and tubal ligation.

Trump Signs Bill to Help Eliminate Backlog in Rape Kit Testing – ABC News
Trump signed into law legislation that provides funding to help states eliminate backlogs in rape kit testing. The measure will help deal with the more than 100,000 rape kits across the country that remain untested.

More LGBTQ Millennials Plan to Have Kids Regardless of Income, Survey Finds – NBC News
Despite additional financial barriers, a recent survey found that an increasing number of LGBTQ people across income levels plan to have children.

Why I Shouldn’t Have to Come Out Again (And Again) In 2020 – Refinery29
Coming out can be one of the most stressful life experiences for young LGBTQ people; yet, they are required to come out repeatedly in interactions with new people they encounter in their daily lives.

The Internet Made Trans People Visible. It Also Left Them More Vulnerable. – Vox
Where once the public only had access to trans stories through traditional media coverage, we exit the decade with trans people starring in regular roles in film and gaining visibility through social media. However, this increased visibility has led to increased backlash.

Egg Freezing and IVF in the 2010s Brought Us the Next Phase I Women’s Lib – NBC News
To control their own fates, women first needed to keep from getting pregnant; then they needed to be able to preserve their fertility.

5 Sex Subscription Boxes That Deliver Orgasms (And Intimacy) To Your Front Door – Well + Good
Sex subscription boxes can help you mix things up in the bedroom, delivering the sexual creativity you didn’t know you were lacking right to your front door.

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