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Trump's Firing Sets Back AIDS Prevention Efforts - Politico
President Donald Trump's decision to fire his HIV/AIDS advisory panel and refusal to fill other key policy positions puts the U.S. at risk of slipping backward on prevention just as the opioid epidemic threatens to spread the virus among intravenous drug users.

Non-Latex Condoms That Also Protect Against STDs - Bustle
Latex condoms are great, but some people are allergic to latex. However, just because you have a latex allergy doesn't mean you can't have safer sex. Here are three types of non-latex condoms that protect against STIs - and one that absolutely doesn't.

What We Know About Victims of Sexual Assault in America - FiveThirtyEight
In 2017, dozens of women made claims of sexual misconduct against powerful men. But sexual assault is a pervasive phenomenon, and these high-profile revelations barely scratched the surface. The National Crime Victimization Survey helps us understand who these victims are and how they respond to attacks.   

If States Got LGBT-Friendlier, They Could Earn Billions - The Daily Beast
Studies show that states lose millions when they discriminate against LGBT people. They are also losing out on potentially billions of dollars by failing to pass pro-LGBT laws.   

Maryland Law Easing Access to Birth Control to Take Effect - NBC4
A new Maryland law intended to expand and protect access to birth control will take effect on January 1st. Insurers must provide most forms of contraception, with no out-of-pocket costs, and women will be able to obtain birth control pills and other contraception in six-month doses.   

4 Things That Can Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Sex - Health
Post-sex soreness is not uncommon, especially in younger women and newer couples. Read this checklist of reasons for soreness after sex, plus the steps to take to keep it from happening again.  

14 Facts About HPV You Should Know - Buzzfeed
There are currently around 79 million Americans infected with HPV. That's about 1 in 4 people. Here are fourteen facts that everyone should know about HPV.     

What 'Black Mirror' Gets So Wrong About Emergency Contraception and Abortion - Self
In a recent episode of Netflix's Black Mirror, emergency contraception was used for terminating a pregnancy - a huge error. Emergency contraception and the abortion pill RU-486 are completely different medications that accomplish completely different reproductive health-care goals.   

Majority of New Orleans Schools, Parents Want Sex Education, Survey Shows - The Times-Picayune
Findings released in December by the Louisiana Public Health Institute shed light on a growing number of school operators interested in using "comprehensive" sex education to teach students about abstinence, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.  

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