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HPV Is Contagious for a "Complicated" Length of Time, Say Medical Experts – Inverse
According to the CDC, roughly one in four Americans is currently infected with HPV. Tricky as it is to avoid, it’s not always easy to tell if you or another person with HPV is still contagious. June Gupta, MSN, of Planned Parenthood, an NCSH member, is quoted.

Despite #MeToo, Rape Cases Still Confound Police – Washington Post
The #MeToo movement is empowering victims of sexual assault to speak up like never before, but what should be a watershed moment for holding assailants accountable has coincided with a troubling trend: Police departments in the U.S. are becoming less and less likely to successfully close rape investigations.

How to Start Having a Healthier and More Fulfilling Sex Life – Huffington Post
Since a positive, satisfying sex life comes with a host of benefits it might make sense to examine how to improve it. Here’s where to start, according to experts.

How to Talk About Sex, Gender, and Sexuality – Cosmopolitan
When it comes to public understanding and acceptance of various gender identities and orientations, much-needed discussions are finally being had, but it’s okay if you are still learning the correct language to use to keep up with the discussion.

Closing the Gender Gap in Orgasms: Expect More Disruption In 2019 – Forbes
Women’s sexual health and well-being have been neglected too long, so women are developing innovative products and new business models for this market. Because there is a gender orgasm gap, it stands to reason that ensuring sexual pleasure is an even larger market for women.

Is It Normal If One Partner Always Initiates Sex? Experts Warn It Can Lead to Resentment – Elite Daily
Is it normal if one partner always initiates sex? Experts share their takes on if one partner initiating more — or even all the time — is normal, and, if not, what to do about it.

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Birth Control Method, According to Physicians – Bustle
With so many different options, choosing a type of birth control and understanding the ins and outs of each method will probably require an in-depth conversation with your OB-GYN. These questions can help guide you.

Google Searches About Sexual Assault & Harassment Broke a Record After #MeToo, Researchers Say – Bustle
The #MeToo movement has prompted millions of survivors around the world to come forward and share their own stories, and has caused Google searches about sexual assault to shatter records and reach an all-time high.

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