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Does Sex Make You Nervous? Here’s How to Develop a Healthier Relationship With Sex – MindBodyGreen
Decades of glazing over sex education has left generations ill-equipped to safely navigate the real risks of having sex, and without the necessary tools to develop healthy relationships with their bodies and with one another. Dr. Logan Levkoff and Brittany McBride of Advocates for Youth, both NCSH members, are quoted.

Nearly Two-Thirds of US Women Use Contraception, CDC Reports – CNN
According to new data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the most common methods for preventing pregnancy are female sterilization, oral contraception, long-acting reversible contraception such as IUDs and implants, and male condoms.

Court Partially Blocks Trump Administration Rules Allowing Some Employers to Deny Birth Control Coverage – Washington Post
A U.S. appeals court partially blocked rules by the Trump administration allowing more employers to opt out of providing women with no-cost birth control.

Father-Son Talks About Condoms Pay Health Dividends – US News & World Report
New research finds that fathers who talk with their teenage sons about condom use can help prevent sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancies.

Transgender Rights Are Under Siege in Trump’s America – The Nation
Since Trump took office, a number of federal agencies have clandestinely scrubbed policy guidance on gender identity from their publications, including most recently the Office of Personnel Management.

How Often Should You Get Tested For STIs? Here's What Every Sexually Active Person Needs to Know – Bustle
Many STIs don’t show symptoms, or they have such mild symptoms that you don’t even notice, which is why getting tested is so important.

2 Troops Sue Over Discharges, Claiming It's Because They're HIV-Positive – CNN
Two service members with HIV are suing the Trump administration, arguing that they are being discharged because of their HIV status in an "unconstitutional and improper" fashion.

Trump Administration Defies Court Order by Pushing Abstinence, Democrats Say – NBC News
The Trump administration may be violating federal court orders that found it had unlawfully canceled a federal program to prevent teen pregnancies and shifted that funding to efforts focused primarily on abstinence.

Here's How to Tell Your Partner You Want Sex More Often, Since That Conversation Can Be Tricky – Elite Daily
When it comes to sex drives, it's very normal and common to have differing levels of desire for sex. If you're curious about how to tell your partner you want sex more often or less often, here are some tips.

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