Sexual Health in the News Dec 13 - Dec 19

NCSH in the News

The Dangerous Myth of the End of STIs – Elemental
Despite the rise in contraceptive options and methods to prevent certain STIs such as the HPV vaccine and PrEP, condom use is just as important as ever when it comes to preventing the full range of STIs. NCSH member, Nurx, is quoted. 

Is Technology Really an Answer to Anti-Choice Restrictions? – Rewire.News
With legislation limiting access to abortion services and public confusion about how to access abortion care, new technological tools aim to put guidance and resources relating to abortion and birth control in the hands of those who need it. NCSH members, PPFA and Power to Decide, are both featured.

Can Crisis Pregnancy Centers Teach Sex Ed? – Bustle
Crisis pregnancy centers are often contracted to teach sex ed curricula in schools when states have a loose definition of “medically accurate” sex ed, or don’t have a definition at all. NCSH member, SIECUS, is quoted. 

Other News This Week

PrEP’s Unexpected Side Effect: Reduced ‘HIV Anxiety’ – NBC News
Use of the HIV prevention drug is associated with lower levels of anxiety about contracting HIV. But for gay men who remember the height of the AIDS epidemic, the specter of HIV is a hard ghost to shake.

How Gay Marriage Won America – Vox
The 2010s were a decade of great consequence for LGBTQ Americans, but nothing was more significant than the struggle for equal marriage. The win helped usher in a fast and unprecedented shift in values.

Toys Began Being Marketed for Gender in the 1940s, Now a Movement Is Pushing Back – CNN
Toy companies have recently announced gender-neutral dolls, but can a doll—or the growing list of other gender-neutral toys—really change the way we think about gender?

We’re In Our 70s. This Is What Our Sex Life Is Like – Vice
American culture has perpetuated the idea that, as we age, our sexualities naturally wither away. A couple in their 70s discuss how they navigate sex and sexuality.

Media’s ‘Detransition’ Narrative Is Fueling Misconceptions, Trans Advocates Say – NBC News
Trans advocates say the current narrative in the media makes “transition regret” seem more common than it is and contributes to misconceptions about transgender people in general.

Hallmark’s Same-Sex Marriage Gaffe Shows How Social Media Is Raising the Stakes for Marketers – NBC News
Whereas brands 10 or even 5 years ago might have specifically targeted only LGBT consumers, today they need to be aware of the much larger market of people who view themselves as LGBT supporters.

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