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A Tech-Based Tool to Address Campus Sexual Assault - NPR
Callisto, a new software platform for secure online reporting of sexual abuse and harassment, is currently in use on 12 campuses with a total of 149,000 students.  Callisto is an initiative of Sexual Health Innovations, an NCSH member, and CEO Jessica Ladd is quoted.

Time's Person of the Year is More Than That. It's a Movement - Los Angeles Times
Under the umbrella "the Silence Breakers," the magazine has honored the legions of women coming forward about sexual harassment in the workplace as its most influential entity of 2017.

Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the South - US News & World Report  
The CDC estimates that 44% of all Americans with an HIV diagnosis live in the South, even though the region accounts for only about one-third of the US population. People in the South are also three times more likely to die of HIV than those in other states, and less likely to know they are infected.    

HIV Probably Won't Kill You, but Smoking Will - Vice
HIV-positive people smoke at more than twice the rate of the general population. Doctors say smoking now presents a greater risk to them than HIV itself.    

Can Businesses Ban LGBT People? Trump Lawyer Told Supreme Court It's OK For Shops To Hang Anti-Gay Signs - Newsweek
President Donald Trump's solicitor general told the Supreme Court Tuesday that businesses should be able to hang a sign in their window that announces they won't serve LGBT customers.   

Birth Control Pills Still Linked to Breast Cancer, Study Finds - New York Times
Women who rely on birth control pills or contraceptive devices that release hormones face a small but significant increase in the risk for breast cancer, according to a large Danish study.    

Kids Aren't Protecting Themselves Against STDs During Oral Sex - Reuters 
New research shows that adolescents and young adults regularly engage in oral sex but seldom use condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  

5 Reasons Your Sex Drive Is So Low - Men's Health
There can be several factors affecting your libido that you might not think are connected. Here are five potential reasons.   

The Podcasts Covering the Kinks, Pleasure, and Personal Stories that Sex Ed Doesn't - Broadly
Without a federal standard for comprehensive sex-education, people are turning to podcasts for frank discussions about sex. Listeners may tune in for the juicy stories, but hosts hope they come away actually knowing more about sex. 

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