Sexual Health in the News August 7 - August 13

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There’s Nothing Sexy About Navigating the Dating Landscape During a PandemicLos Angeles Magazine
COVID-19-era restrictions are complicating first meetings and stress is wreaking havoc on libidos, but a craving for human contact often trumps all else. NCSH member, The Kinsey Institute and Dr. Justin Lehmiller, are featured.

Telehealth Transforms How Women Get Birth Control – Forbes
During Covid-19, women's access to contraception and other sexual health services, and their ability to pay for services, has been constrained. Telemedicine offers a good option. Nurx, an NCSH member, is featured.

Other News This Week

Federal Judge Refuses to Block Campus Sexual Assault RulesCBS News
The Education Department can now implement new rules for colleges that expand the rights of the accused, narrow the definition of sexual harassment, and reduce the scope of cases that schools must investigate.

What People Taking Birth Control Should Know About COVID-19 and Blood ClotsSelf
Increasing evidence suggests that COVID-19 can cause blood clots, and that people who are pregnant or who take estrogen-containing medicine might be at higher risk. Yet, researchers warn that we still need to learn a lot more about the possible association.

Abortion, Transgender Rights Likely to Land Back Before Supreme CourtWashington Post
The Supreme Court’s rulings from a momentous just-completed term are altering the nation’s legal landscape, almost assuring that issues such as abortion and transgender rights will return to the high court.

University Removes Coronavirus Sex Advice After Tips 'Ridiculed' OnlineFox News
The University of Georgia’s Health Center’s sexual health page recently posted and then removed sex advice for students during COVID19 after the tips were “mocked” and “ridiculed” online, a university spokesperson said.

How Often Couples Should Have Sex, According to 3 Sex TherapistsInsider
Have you ever wondered if the amount of sex you're having is normal? It's completely natural to have insecurities around this topic, but it's important to keep in mind each relationship is different.

The Unexpected Ways Social Media Is Impacting the Way We Perform Our Sex Lives OnlineCosmopolitan
Sex on social media is complex, contested, and controversial. Two women spent years researching people’s sexual social media practices. Here are five key takeaways from their research about how social media has been affecting our sex lives and the way we perform them online.

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