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A Tried-and-True Guide to Rimming – Giddy
Rimming—also known as oral/anal sex—seems to be rising in popularity. Yet, there are a few factors to bear in mind—from health and hygiene to preparation and technique. This story features NCSH. 

Other News This Week

LGBT Americans Reported Higher Rates of Food and Economic Insecurity Than Non-LGBT People, Census Bureau's Pandemic Survey Finds – CNN
A Census Bureau survey found that people who identify as LGBT have experienced higher rates of food and economic insecurity during COVID compared to their non-LGBT counterparts.

Texas Is the First State to Make Buying Sex a Felony. Will This Help Trafficking Victims? – NBC News
While some experts say the law reflects a new wave of systemic reform and could help trafficked sex workers by deterring demand, others say it instead will further tie the victims up in the legal system.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Allegations – AP News
Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned after the New York Attorney General led a months-long investigation which found that Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women.  

Hey Fellas, Think You’re an Ally to Women? Consider a Vasectomy – The Guardian
Women are twice as likely to get their tubes tied than men are to get the snip, even though tubal ligation is more invasive, riskier, and harder to reverse.

How to Set Boundaries with Anyone In Your Life – Shape Magazine
Boundary setting is important, but how do you actually do it? A therapist shares an easy-to-follow script so you know exactly what to say.

‘I’m an Intimacy Coordinator, and Here Are 4 Ways to Handle Awkwardness During Sex’ – Well + Good
While intimacy coordinators work with actors, it turns out many of their pro tips can actually apply to sexually active folks looking to erase awkwardness from the (very real) sex scenes in their personal lives.

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