Sexual Health in the News August 28 - September 3

NCSH in the News

People Are Changing Their Birth Control Because of the Pandemic – Bustle
With over 5 million Americans losing their health insurance thanks to coronavirus-linked layoffs, some people with periods feel they’re losing choice over their birth control decisions. This story features NCSH member, Power to Decide.

What Happens If You Use an Expired Condom? – Refinery29
An update of a 2018 story, this explores whether you should take your chances with an expired condom or immediately toss it in the trash. We arranged interviews with Dr. Nerys Benfield and Deborah Arrindell, of ASHA, an NCSH member.

Other News This Week

The Nation’s Public Health Agencies Are Ailing When They’re Needed Most – The Washington Post
The public health system lacks financial resources, is losing staff every day, and has been underfunded for decades, leaving it ill-equipped to respond to COVID-19. 

Is Wearing a Mask During Sex Really Safer During a Pandemic? Here’s What a Doctor Thinks – Well + Good
Some public health experts have recommended wearing a mask during sex to reduce the spread of the virus, yet in a recent survey only 6 percent of respondents said they’d wear masks during intercourse.

I’ve Only Dated Women, But I Like Flirting with Other Men Online. Does This Mean I’m Not Straight? – INSIDER
It’s normal to want to put yourself into a box when it comes to your sexuality because that is what society has normalized. But sexuality is more complicated.

Want a More Satisfying Sex Life? Here Are the 4 Golden Rules of Talking about Sex with a Partner – Well + Good
Even after getting comfortable with the idea of talking openly with your partner about sex, making sure your message is effective without hurting their feelings can be challenging.

Sex Workers Blame Bella Thorne for Changes at OnlyFans That Harm Their Income – NBC News
The changes in OnlyFans’ terms of service include caps and holds on payments, but the content subscription platform said its new rules were not due to one user and will “continue to review these limits” amid the backlash.

We’ve Got to Come Up with a Game Plan to Make Casual Sex a Thing Again – Well + Good
As some areas begin to reopen and single people begin to venture out in the hopes of reconnecting, how does one even begin to maneuver casual sex ahead bravely and safely?

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