Sexual Health in the News August 26 - September 1

NCSH in the News

Black Women College Activists Have Reproductive Rights On Their MindsForbes
The fight for reproductive justice is prominent not only in local Black communities but on college campuses as well.  This story features NCSH member, Black Women’s Health Imperative. 

Other News This Week

Yelp to Begin Prominently Labeling Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Avoid ConfusionCNN
Yelp’s introduction of a new label to more clearly identify crisis pregnancy centers is the latest example of tech companies adapting their policies in the wake of the demise of Roe v. Wade. 

Google Maps Will Label Clinics that Provide Abortion ServicesWashington Post
Google will begin specifically labeling medical clinics and hospitals that provide abortion care in its Maps app and websites. 

US to Shift Monkeypox Aid to LGBTQ, Racial MinoritiesBloomberg
The Department of Health and Human Services is launching a pilot program that aims to reach LGBTQ communities of color facing barriers in accessing vaccines. 

Americans are Being Misled on Comprehensive Sex Ed. Here is What it Actually Does.Yahoo News
Most parents support sex ed for middle and high school students but are reticent about young kids. Parental fears around comprehensive sex ed are driven by the misbelief that it's solely about sex. 

Restaurant Industry Workers Are Organizing to Fund Their Own Reproductive Care - Eater
The Service Worker Reproductive Access Fund offers tipped workers contraception, travel expenses for abortion, and other health care services. 

Here's the Sexual Health Self-Exam You Should Be DoingMen’s Health
A step-by-step guide for what to check, how to do it, and when to see your doctor. 

How To Communicate In A Relationship, According To ExpertsForbes
Communication doesn’t always come easy, whether it’s with a romantic partner or someone else. But it’s key to the overall success and sustainability of such partnerships. 

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