Sexual Health in the News August 25 - August 31

NCSH in the News

10 Things Gynecologists Wish You'd Stop Doing at Your Checkups - LiveStrong 
Gynecologists explain what common mistakes you might be making that can prevent you from getting the best care during your checkup appointments. Dr. Katharine White, an NCSH member, is featured. 

How Many Times Can You Take Plan B? - Health Central
Experts share what to expect from frequent use of the morning-after pill. Cristin Hackel, from Nurx, is featured. 

Other News This Week

Over 30 New LGBTQ Education Laws Are in Effect as Students Go Back to School - NBC News 
As the new school year begins, teachers and students are bracing for new LGBTQ-related education laws including restrictions on LGBTQ content and bathroom and pronoun use. 

In Settlement With Transgender Woman, New York Jail to Implement LGBTQ Prison Reform - ABC News 
In a landmark settlement with a transgender woman, a New York jail will implement LGBTQ guidelines to prevent abuse, discrimination, and harassment against gender-nonconforming individuals, particularly people of color. 

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Expands Access to HIVPrEP, but Inequities Remain a Challenge - Everyday Health 
USPSTF’s newly published recommendations highlight the progress in declined HIV cases due to expanded PrEP access but emphasizes the ongoing racial disparities and the need for efforts to address access inequities. 

Ob/Gyn: 1 in 5 New Cases of Cervical Cancer Are in Women Over 65- Here's What You Need to Know About HPV in Seniors- Yahoo 
HPV can lie dormant in seniors, reactivating due to weakened immune systems. Here’s the most common HPV symptoms, risk factors, and screening recommendations for seniors.  

Contraception Options 101: Everything You Need to Know About Birth Control  - Everyday Health 
Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy prevention options including their effectiveness, availability, and cost.  

Canada Issues Warning for LGBTQ Travelers in the United States - ABC News 
Canada’s travel advisory for visitors to the United States has been updated to warn LGBTQ travelers about laws and policies that may affect the community.  

More American Men Now Opting for Vasectomy - US News  
Vasectomies are now becoming more common in the United States, with doctors expecting continued increase in demand following the overturn of Roe V Wade. 

Heat and Sex: How Do Rising Temperatures Impact Our Sex Lives? - Giddy 
Rising temperatures are impacting various aspects of life, including potential effects on birth rates, sexual function, and intimacy.  

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